Sunday Ceramics 14

by frogpondsrock on April 13, 2014

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Sunday Ceramics

Hello everyone and welcome to the 14th edition of Sunday Ceramics, there is no housekeeping this week which is fabulous and the lack of naggy blog duties means that I can launch straight into the Clay News for this week.

I have a ceramic shop that I set up through my Kim Foale Ceramics page, I used an app that I googled and the shop seems to be fairly straight forward to use. The thing about the shop is that I keep on forgetting to tell people that I have a shop because I keep on forgetting that I have a shop. Clearly I am never going to be a gazillionaire.

If any of you sell online, how do you do it? What platforms do you use? And do you forget that you have shops?

The other factor impacting my sales has been the Heartbleed SSL bug.  A quick rundown on the Heartbleed bug is that it has been around for two years without anyone noticing and now that it has come to light there is much head desking. Basically, Heartbleed is an encryption flaw in OpenSSL software that means that hackers can decode your information by accessing the memory of data servers.

What you can do is NOT PANIC, because if heartbleed has been around this long, my sanguine view is that as one of the zillions of internet users, if you haven’t had any issues so far, we are probably fairly safe.

The other thing you can do is change your passwords, BUT only on the sites that have issued a security patch. Mashable has a good list of popular websites and their responses to heartbleed here.

This week has been a week of preparation for glazing rather than making.

I photographed this cup I made in my first or second year. I disliked the cup very much at the time, as a student I disliked most of my work. Luckily for me my daughter Veronica liked the cup and seven years after making it, I find I quite like the glaze combo. It is a discontinued Walkers or Clayworks Raku Gold clay #60 mesh. I liked to throw with a gutsy clay, when I threw. The top glaze is a Greg Daly yellow, which I shall have to try and track down the recipe, and the bottom glaze is a thinly applied Mellow Matt glaze.


Potash Feldspar== 50
Whiting== 25
Kaolin== 25
Rutile flour== 3


Today is a Clay Club Sunday and I had best get a wriggle on if I am going to get out the door in time.

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Sunday Ceramics 13

by frogpondsrock on April 6, 2014

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Sunday Ceramics

Hello and Welcome to Lucky Thirteen, the end of daylight saving edition of Sunday Ceramics.

Today I shall start with some housekeeping.

The idea of Sunday Ceramics was to have a place on the internet to fill the space left by Adriana’s Mud Colony blog. I have made some good clay friends through Mud Colony and with Adriana’s blessing I started the Sunday Ceramics Link up, so that we could continue to have a conversation about clay via our blogs and to also keep that sense of community going.

I don’t know about you, but I work in isolation and can often go for days and days without seeing anyone other than, The Spouse or the shop assistant at the IGA.

I like to see what people are doing in their studios, because it feeds my own creativity or reminds me of things that I had forgotten that I wanted to try or a glaze technique will send me off on an interesting tangent.

Sunday Ceramics was not set up as a space to just drop your link and run, there are some rules. One of the rules is to add a link in your blog post directing people here, so that they in turn can find the other blogs in the link up. That is how a link up works. It is a two way street.

The link is open all week and you can add your blog post anytime you like as long as you include a link back here to me, a comment would also be nice so that I get a notification that you have been here.

Now onto the clay.

I have been making rocks again, skulls and rocks. I have been slip casting cups as well, but it has mostly been free form work happening this week. I needed a new bird bath, so I made two large concave platters from reclaimed clay and I accidentally made a soft folded soap dish.

I was messing about with a slab and I wasn’t happy with the shape, so my mind wandered off onto a tangent and I folded the edges, thinking about making a hanging pot that I could thread some twine through.

folded soap dish.

I liked how the folded edges looked, so I discarded the idea of threading anything through the folds and compressed the edges together. This has ended up turning into a lovely soft shape that I am quite taken with.

folded soap dish

I was told once, that you first need to know the rules before you can break them properly.

I am making a totem. These pieces are about the size of half a house brick and I will work up to some larger pieces for the base that will be about the size of a basketball.

I have just poked a hole through a ball of BRT clay with a piece of broom handle. I have added bits of LGH white stoneware to see what happens. I might also paint on some porcelain slip in parts as well.

detail of rock totems 2

detail of rock totem

More skulls, the unglazed BRT is growing on me, though I still dislike the iron spots, but for outside pieces that I can mostly ignore, they work well enough against the bricks.


The drunken whisky tourists have been posting lots of photos on their trek from distillery to distillery. This is a topiary shark they photographed in Railton and now I am thinking of making a shark’s jaw, to place in a shrubbery somewhere.

topiary shark

That is me for the week.

As always,

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Sparkly Fingernails and Fairy Wrens

by frogpondsrock on April 4, 2014

in Distractions galore!

Dear Croc Diary, it is Day 42 and whilst I have forgotten about the oddness of wearing odd crocs, strangers in shopping centres are still giving me side glances.

red croc blue croc

Dear Nail Polish Diary, it has now been two months since I found the shelf of colourful polish on special in the supermarket and I have not stopped smiling since.

sparkly nails

Dear Internet, I am slowly replacing all my black clothes with purples and reds and blues. I have a rainbow patchwork skirt and new pirate socks and I really think the decision to wear red and blue crocs everywhere has been a good one.

A few months after my mum died, I was talking with a friend who was a few years further along in her grief, and she told me about the slow return of colour in her life. At the time I could not even think about colour, let alone want to wear anything bright. My only concession to colour in those dark months, was a pair of rainbow socks and a purple knitted hat that Mum had bought me before she died.

It will be Mum’s birthday in seven days, and this April is not as hard as previous Aprils.

It has taken me five years internet, but I have returned to colour.

Dear Grandparents Diary, I have been encouraging my grandchildren to draw on themselves with coloured textas.

Amy drew this, it is a portrait of me wearing my presidential crown.

amy tattoo

Isaac wanted a monster and so I drew this one for him.

Isaac tattoo

Here Evelyn is putting the finishing touches onto my love heart.evelyn tattoo

Enough with the diaries as I can’t think of a Dear Diary title for these next bits.

Time got away from the travelling cartoonists on The Greatest Whisky Tour Ever and they didn’t manage to make it up here to decorate their Commemorative Whisky Tumblers. So being a good friend and all round kind person, I did it for them. I thought the duck was a very nice touch.

whisky tumblers

I have a window behind my computer screen and there is an Elder tree outside the window. I spend a lot of time doing ninja style creepings about looking for my camera and trying not to frighten the birds away. I bought a little point and shoot, so that I could just point and shoot and I am rather happy with the photos it takes.


Our cruelty to Asylum seekers continues on, with both major political parties competing to see who can be the biggest Asshat. I think the LNP are winning in the Asshattery stakes but Labor are trying their hardest to reclaim the title.

Here is a by cartoon Alan Moir that is doing the rounds on facebook

Alan Moir

And a photo from the recent Australia wide March in March protests.

our borders are safe

That is me for the day, Thank you for reading.


Sunday Ceramics 12

by frogpondsrock on March 30, 2014

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Sunday Ceramics

This week has been a busy week in the studio compared to last week when I did not have the time to make anything.

I have been preparing some cups for a couple of possibly drunken cartoonists to decorate while they are on their whisky tour, you can follow the progress of the intrepid whisky tourists here on their facebook page.

Here are the slipcast cups fresh out of the mould.

ceremonial whisly tumblers

And here they are all tidied up.


My daughter Veronica has been making soap and we both find that the process is endlessly fascinating. I am soon to become Veronica’s beta soap tester and I needed a long soap dish that is capable of holding about ten bars of soap. I had an idea in my head of what I wanted and I was pleased to discover the finished soap dish ended up looking very similar to the picture I had of it in my head. That rarely happens as the clay and I usually go off on a giant long tangent together and finish up miles away from the original concept.

longest soap dish ever

Pinterest, Oh My word, what a giant time suck that place is, so many beautiful pots, so little time. I have  been looking for easy projects for the children (and possibly the adults) to make at Clay Club. I typed in ceramic animals into the search bar and in a blink of an eye I lost two hours pinning all the things. Here is a link to my Pinterest account if you want to follow me. I created a board which I named ideas for Clay Club and I will post some of the ideas I find onto my Kim Foale Ceramics FB page so that it can be used as a resource for those days when none of us know what we want to make at all.

I finally added my entry to the Australian Ceramics Directory on the Australian Ceramics Association website and received a nice compliment when it was noted that my southern ice porcelain tampons didn’t look like they were ceramic.

Protest Tampons in barbed wire bowl Kim Foale

I think that is me for the week, I am off to clay club today, which due to popular demand has been extended to two classes on a Sunday instead of the single class, so Yay for muddy fun on a weekend.

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Sunday Ceramics 11

by frogpondsrock on March 23, 2014

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Good Morning Mudslingers, it has started to chill down a bit here and as I type this with cold fingers, I think that t-shirt only mornings are now a thing of the past.

Sunday Ceramics

I haven’t actually been in the studio to make any work of substance this week, as my timetable has been full of meetings and admin to do with the Australian Ceramics Triennale 2018 which the Tasmanian Ceramics Association are hosting here in Hobart in four years time. I try and keep my online lives very separate but sometimes I wear all three hats at once and today looks like it is going to be one of those days.

Yesterday we had a fabulous day at the TCA studio in Glenorchy with a making day in preparation for a pit and raku firings later on in the year. Out of sixteen participants in our day of muddy fun, there were six new faces which is fabulous. The Tasmanian Ceramics Association is in a transitional phase at the moment, as older members retire from a ceramic life and new people are discovering the medium of clay for the first time. It is a lovely time to be involved with the association as the possibilities of world domination via clay are just endlessly wonderful.

I will have photos of the clay day once a friend emails them to me, then I will post them up onto the TCA website and link back here.

I am trying to make some ocarinas. A friend loaned me her Ocarina and so using it as a guide I set about making some of my own. I left the ocarinas to harden to leather hard so that I could make the musical holes without ruining the shape and forgot about them. Now they are too dry to work with and so back to square one I go. I have since googled a tutorial or two on Ocarinas and I am looking forward to making some more today, or maybe tomorrow. With this image you get the gist of what I am trying to do.

skull Ocarinas

I have been S.L.O.W.L.Y so so slowly, uploading more images of the work I have for sale to my ceramic shop. It is a process, but with my daughter Veronica “vigorously encouraging” me, I am actually writing descriptions about the work rather than just saying cup or spoon. I really think that as Veronica is the WRITER in the family I should employ her to write all the flowery descriptions for me and I could then pay her in pots.

rainbow cup 250 ml

rainbow cup 150 ml

I like this quote. I think it is true. I live inside my head and will forget to eat proper meals, happily existing on toasted cheese sandwiches or dumpling soup and whatever fruit is in the fruit bowl. As soon as I have left a room I have forgotten whatever I was doing in that room and it is not uncommon for me to come back and be surprised by the half finished job I had wandered away from. Case in point is the Ocarinas, I had totally forgotten about them, until I saw them all dry and lonely on the table. The Spouse gets very frustrated with my strong chaos gene, but he is finally realising after 27 years together that I am not really here at all, I am elsewhere in my head.

I am a potter

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