My pozible is now closed and thanks to you I am able to have a fabulous adventure.

Also by a stoke of accidental genius your payments came through over two financial years and so I wont have to try to explain crowdsourcing to the tax office this year.

Sitting here trying to write down how thankful and grateful I am is proving to be trickier than I thought though. I have the Paul Kelly song, “From Little Things Big Things Grow” playing as an earworm inside my head, as this has grown into a rather big thing.

So many of you helped me by pledging for rewards that I am now able to add in an extra flight and fly into Kalgoorlie from Perth a day earlier than planned. This then gives me a FULL free day to organise a tour of Lake Ballard to see The Gormley installation.

Thanks to mutual friends and the power of Social Media Rydges Kalgoorlie Resort and Spa are also sponsoring me and helping out with my accommodation while I am in Kalgoorlie attending the Regional Arts Summit.

I am sure this lovely pool will soothe my delicate Tasmanian skin after I have fried in the name of art at Lake Ballard trying to get just the right photo of just one more sculpture. I am also sure that the glare from my Tasmanian complexion will guarantee me a nice bit of poolside space.

Rydges Kalgoorlie resort and spa

So now, the work begins, as you have all played your parts magnificently and made me feel very valued, it is now my turn to make some art and post it off to you.

Stay tuned. I will post some photos of the studio chaos soon, complete with evidence of Monty the puppy helper (he has already nibbled one small rainbow cup)

Once again



Sunday Ceramics 21

by frogpondsrock on July 13, 2014

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Good morning viewers, today it is my absolute pleasure to welcome you to episode 21 of Sunday Ceramics.

Sunday Ceramics

Today, Sunday Ceramics has been slightly delayed by the LEAPING and BOUNDING of an enthusiastic puppy who needed a walk. Do NOT be fooled by this serene image of a well trained puppy sitting nicely. HA! Monty is a leaping, chewing, pooping, bundle of enthusiastic mischief. Thanks to Monty’s endless shenanigans, I was able to walk up ten flights of stairs the other day without dying, though I did need to collapse into a conveniently placed chair and puff madly for a minute or two.

Monty sitting on the road

My pozible is now closed and for once in my life I am a bit lost for words.

You, my dear people of the internet, have enabled me to go on a FABULOUS adventure to Kalgoorlie in October. I will endeavour to post all the photos before I die of sunstroke at the foot of a Gormley sculpture in a salt lake.

We just need to work out a properly dramatic hashtag for instagram, so you can all follow along.

Speaking of properly dramatic, I have finally stopped hyperventilating at the thought of THE LONG GALLERY, this is mostly due to the fact that my friends just roll their eyes at my theatrics and also because I have started to make all the work.

Making the work always calms me down a bit.

My friend Carolyn gave me a plastic hand mould and I have been having the most fabulous fun with it.

First, I rolled out a thin slab of clay and tried to press the clay gently into the mould, so that I had a thin shell of a hand. But patience and delicacy are not my strengths and before you could say, “slow down Kimmy”, the clay had ripped in a number of places.

I pressed the ripped up remnants of the slab, back into the mould to form a rough patchwork. For good measure I threw all the crumbs in as well and shook them about a bit.

Then I packed in some handbuilding clay and waited impatiently for hours and hours and hours for the clay to be dry enough to fall out of the mould. In the end I gave up and went to bed.

hand in mould

All that patient sleeping didn’t do me any good as I tore the fingers getting the hand out of the mould anyway. I could have easily repaired the fingers but the sight of the broken fingers sent me off on a tangent.

My social media channels were full of news about the missing Sri Lankan refugees and I thought the broken hand was a metaphor of sorts for our governments appalling behaviour.

153 Anglican Parish of Gosford

first hand

I made a second patchwork hand using a JB1 porcelain. I quite like this JB1 porcelain so far, as it isn’t as pernickety as Southern Ice to work with, but I wont make my final decision until I have fired it as I do like the look of Southern Ice.


I had been thinking about making fingerbones for an installation last year, but gave up when they proved a bit harder to make than I thought. And once I looked at the fingers closely when I was editing the photos, I began to daydream about the fingerbone installation again.


So, working normally, disregarding all pretense at patience. I rolled out lots of porcelain sausages and quickly and roughly pressed them into the mould and made about twenty or so fingers in an hour.


All these photos (except the puppy) are taken inside the house with my phone camera, it is a bit too chilly to work in the studio at the moment.

The only downside to working inside is that Monty can jump up and steal any fingers that are close to the edge of the table. You think that this finger stealing would make me be more organised, HA, NO! I just spend a bit of time retrieving soggy clay fingers from nibbling puppy jaws. I am sure Monty thinks he is helping me by adding his own artistic touches.

That has been my week.

How has yours been?

Here is the link, you know what do do.


My Pozible is only open for three more days. Then it is done and I am done as well.

Once I have finished making all the work offered as rewards on my pozible I will be free to focus fully on my upcoming joint exhibition at the Long Gallery.

Already my head is full of sculptural thoughts and political pokings, that my normal line of work is left far far behind.

So this, my lovelies is your last chance to buy some of my ‘prettier’ work before I become completely submerged in social commentary.


Kim Pozible



Sunday Ceramics 20

by frogpondsrock on June 29, 2014

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Hello Mudslingers, we have reached the milestone of TWENTY fabulous episodes of Sunday Ceramics. In TV terms that is a bit over two seasons. YAY! We are potentially the G.O.T of the clay world. We are probably famous somewhere.

Sunday Ceramics

Today I want to talk a bit about FEAR.

I was talking on twitter to a young writer the other day and he was pondering whether to set up a support group in his local area. His inner voice was telling him to stop being so silly and so I stepped in and told him that if I listened to my inner voice I would never do anything.  As I walked away from twitter I wondered if I should send him some skull beads as encouragement BUT my inner voice told me NO, that it could be read as a bit creepy. I got two steps further away before I realised that my inner voice was winning, oh the irony. I hopped back online and offered him some skull beads and he was THRILLED because apparently he really likes my work.

My biggest fear is being “seen to be stupid” as most fears go, it does not have any basis in my current reality and is a pretty stupid fear. Nonetheless it is there,  and my inner voice sounds a lot like my father telling me how stupid and useless I am. And as that old bastard died over thirty years ago I only have myself to fight.

So I ignore that voice, I ignore my fear and I keep on doing incredibly amazing things that terrify me, for the split seconds that I allow myself to think about them.

This is a photo of the Long Gallery in Salamanca Arts Centre.

Long Gallery


This is a tweet, by “Award Winning Cartoonist” Jon Kudelka.

So mudslingers, here I am trying not to hyperventilate at the thought of an exhibition in the Long Gallery, next year.

I think the excitement will beat the terror, eventually.

Monty has been helping me work, He likes to steal all the sub par pieces of work in progress and run away with them.

Monty is a bit cheeky and a terrible critic.

monty clay nose

Today I will be away all day blowing things up and playing with fire and generally being a nuisance.

I am NOT in charge of the Tasmanian Ceramics Association’s Raku and Pit firing, that is on today.

Responsible, sensible, EXPERIENCED people are in charge.

It will be a fabulous day and I will “TRY” to instagram all the things, using the hashtag  #TASRAKU

*UPDATED. The Pit firing and Raku day has been POSTPONED.

Until then.

Here is the link, you know what to do.


I joined a fungi group on facebook and the members post the most beautiful photographs of Tasmanian Fungi. On my walks with the dogs, Monty and Harry I am noticing more and more fungi.

Today I escaped from the puppy and went for a walk across the road on my own. I can not photograph any toadstools when I have Monty with me as his inner Labrador shouts at him to eat all the things and I have to be super vigilant, also he likes to lick the camera.

I did take a nice photo of his ears before I snuck off, he is getting a Kelpie twist to his ears that I find quite enchanting.

Montys Ear

I have no idea what toadstool is what and I wont put any of these photos into the fungi group because I  am more interested in the play of light and shade, the micro landscapes and unexpected surprises, rather than a scientific image.

toadstool and web

toadstool 2

toadstools 1 copy

crevices 2  copy

crevicesfungi 4

fungi 5

fungi 3

That was my day today, a happy day full of puppy dog’s ears and toadstools.


Sunday Ceramics 19

June 15, 2014

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Send Kim To Kalgoorlie, Pozible. It worked.

June 9, 2014

When I am not swanning around the internet pretending to be a zombie whispering former princess, I am plotting world domination through the medium of clay. I say plotting world domination only semi flippantly, as I am passionate about community engagement via the medium of making and I believe that any arts based organisation has […]

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Sunday Ceramics 18

June 1, 2014

I have been too grumpy to write anything on the blog lately. Grumpy and busy. Having a puppy is rather a lot more work than I remembered, probably because the last time I introduced a puppy into our household I also had children at home. I had thought I could just take Monty into the […]

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My Response to the Budget

May 15, 2014

I was chairing a meeting on Tuesday night as Hockey was handing down his horrible budget. As I was suggesting ways to facilitate world domination via clay, the LNP government was implementing ways to make Australia a most terrible place to live. If you are young, disabled, on an aged pension, unemployed, indigenous or you […]

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Sunday Ceramics 17

May 11, 2014

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