Gorgeous Luxury Soap.

by frogpondsrock on September 17, 2014

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Each Birthday, Christmas, or Mothers day I tell anyone who will listen, to buy me handmade soap. I do not want things or chocolate I always want handmade soap. Or good quality incense, I am always searching for a good Sandalwood or Amber incense.

Now I have no idea what to ask for as gifts anymore because my daughter, Veronica, has launched her own business, Veronica Foale Essentials and quite frankly internet I am in soap heaven.

DO NOT EAT THIS SOAP, even though it looks good enough to eat. You MUST resist the temptation to have a bit of a nibble because it is soap. Gorgeously delicious soap, but still soapy tasting soap.

Oatmeal Milk Honey

I willingly put up my hand to be Veronica’s crash test dummy and said, YES I WILL TEST ALL THE THINGS.

In my bathroom there are fourteen bars of soap in current use. FOURTEEN.

I was forced to make a special soap holder.

soap dish

I have been able to exercise my HYPER CRITICAL SKILLS without Veronica getting grumpy with me.

I take my role of soap tester very seriously and I am enjoying Veronica’s soap making very much.

I have vigorously tested all the soaps and offered lots of advice. Veronica even listened to some of it.

I am sure those of you who know me know how helpful and honest I have been with my feedback.


Lemon Blush


I have enlisted The Spouse’s help as a tester as Jeff has super sensitive EDSY skin and he breaks out in eczema at the drop of a hat. The Spouse has worked out a system where instead of having yet another shower with yet another new soap, he now just rubs the soap on the inside of his arm and waits to see what happens. Honestly internet, his skin is that sensitive that he will rash up in a matter of minutes and Veronica quickly discarded the early smells that made her father itch.

He is like a very tall and useful laboratory bunny.

A very helpful bunny.

With opinions.

And useful skin.


Orange Blossom Calendula (1)

I have been surprised at the smells that The Spouse likes when he is shaving, as I do not shave my own magnificent moustache I hadn’t actually thought about the smell of soap on my face at all.

This next soap is my absolute favourite. Cardamom Sandalwood, and it is to die for. So rich and cardamommy and sandalwoody and it holds its scent all the way through to the end.

Cardamom Sandalwood

I love the smell of this soap so much that after Veronica found me rubbing the soap on my shirt so I could keep on smelling it, she made me a little pot of cardamom sandalwood perfume.

CARDAMOM SANDALWOOD PERFUME deserves all caps it is so nice.

I am sure that Veronica will make you your own pots of perfume if you ask her.

Bergamot Tobacco

So if you like soap and wish to support a young emerging soap maker you can go over to Veronica Foale Essentials and have a look.

Trust me, the soap is very very nice.

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Winter is never the best time in the studio, it is cold and the work dries very, very slowly. My slipcasting moulds take longer to dry out and everything slows down exponentially. Also, working through the Tasmanian winter makes my fingers feel like they are going to fall off. I am counting down the days until I leave for Kalgoorlie (45) which means I have about four weeks to finish making all the rewards for my pozible supporters.

Now is not the time for distractions or panic.

Which is why there are dinosaurs in my studio.


The dinosaurs make me smile and keep me from panicking.

dinosaurs 3

They also give me a chance to defrost my fingers as I daydream about ceramic dinosaurs and fossilised bits and pieces.

dinosaurs 2

I work best t0 a deadline.

A deadline gives me a clear timeline for my tried and true work schedule.

Which is procrastinate, procrastinate, daydream, daydream, panic, work furiously, then collapse.

I am planning on collapsing dramatically at the foot of a Gormley sculpture in the middle of the outback, so I still have plenty of time now to work furiously.

Here is some detail of one of the Sclerophyll cups I am making for seven of my kind supporters. Notice the dinosaur in the background helping to keep me focused?

urban decay

Here is the raw Urban Decay cup, one of two I have made for my supporters as well.

urban decay 2

The slightly tricky thing with the kind of work I make, is that a lot of it breaks as I am making it.

making the urban decay cup.

Some of my processes are a bit vigorous for the materials I use, there is potential for disaster in every step, so in order to balance out the disasters, I make much more work than I will need. Hence my forward scheduling of my previously mentioned collapse in Kalgoorlie, where I shall be able to recover nicely afterwards in a SPA in the lovely room provided by my generous sponsors Rydges Kalgoorlie Resort and SPA.

broken work

From disaster, comes opportunity and as I stuffed all the bits back into the broken cup, a new idea popped into my head, so ever the creative opportunist, I tidied up the jaggedy bits and put the broken cup aside to be fired.

broken work 2

Today I shall make the rest of the sclerophyll cups, after I have walked the bouncing bundle of chewy mischief that is Monty.

The other day I wondered why Monty was being so quiet.

A quiet puppy is as bad as a quiet toddler.

I peered through the bedroom door into The Spouse’s shed and lo, what did I spy?

monty on the bench

Monty likes to be up high it must be a Kelpie thing.

He likes to look out the window.

Here Monty is not looking out the window, Monty is pretending to be invisible.

He needs to work on his invisibility skills.

The Spouse puts his boots up on the bench to discourage puppy nibbling.

The Spouse needs to find a safer spot for his boots.

monty on the bench 2


This is where I am at, my dearest internets, completely surrounded by dinosaurs, puppies and work.

How are you all going?


This phrase was going around inside my head while I was sleeping, muddying up my dreams and rolling around as an earworm when I woke. The diagnosis from the vet had obviously seeped into my unconscious. My darling elder dog Harry, our champion fielder, the instigator of new cricket rules to cater for his exceptional agility with the ball in the outfield, is going blind.


We probably have twelve months until his sight goes, happy twelfth birthday Harry, have some light and shade instead of those pesky clear bits and jangly sharp lines.

The day I took this photo, I was smiling to myself at Harry’s resigned air of eternal suffering, “A bed, you bought the puppy a bed, I never had a puppy bed?” was the doggy thought that came most sharply to me. He looked at me conveying all kinds of woe and with a studied sulkiness climbed in with Monty. It was on this day that I knew everything was going to be okay between Harry and Monty the interloper.

Harry and Monty

This photo was taken six years ago when Harry was in his prime. A glorious Red dog who looks like his collie mother but has a good mix of his heeler father in there as well. harry

I bred Harry myself because we needed a fielder. David my son was nine years old when Harry was born and backyard cricket was often on the agenda. There is a story to Harry, there is always a story and Harry’s story is the culmination of all my other dog’s stories.

I had a beautiful Retriever/Hound/Spaniel who I named, Stay at home Mildred, Milly for short or Milly Ponting when we were playing cricket because she was very, very good in the field. Milly’s predecessor had been a red heeler bitch with the unfortunate name Gypsy, sadly she was true to her gypsy name and came to a bad end. I could often be heard, yelling at shadows, as I was chasing Gyspy down the road, “I should have bloody well called you, Stay at Home Mildred.”

Milly came to us when she was five weeks old and she grew into the best fielder in the world, especially when I was batting. Milly would only ever bring the ball back to me and I could always manage to sneak in an extra run or two. At four years old, just as Milly was coming right, she was run over deliberately by a drunken acquaintance, while she was out walking with Veronica and a friend, and sadly Milly died in my arms on the road.

I was furiously devastated and swore to never get another dog again.

In the background of our various dog adventures there was Tippy our border collie cross, our best girl, who The Spouse and I rescued as a pup pre-children. Tippy was equally devastated by the loss of Milly as the Tipster was totally deaf by this stage and Milly had been her ears.

Three weeks after Milly died I came home with another abandoned puppy, the universe often conspires against me when I say no to things, and so quite by chance I was given a little half starved collie cross. We called her Lady because she was very much a lady, and in hindsight Lady would have been the perfect companion for an elderly pensioner. Tippy at this stage was completely over dogs as she was coming up to fifteen and was far too old for any puppy nonsense, Tippy ignored Lady for the rest of her life.

Lady’s cricketing name was Lady Bloody Gilchrist, because if you threw the ball to her she would look at it and pointedly ignore it, and so of course the other fielders would have to chase the ball. Having a wicket keeper for a dog is unworkable when there is a small boy in the house who just wants to slog balls all over the place. When Lady was about eighteen months old I introduced her to a slightly insane but very handsome blue heeler down the road with the idea of breeding a proper fielder, Harry was the result of this whirlwind romance

The thing that was to be her eventual downfall, was Lady’s herding instinct, she mostly herded chickens, she was a collie after all and she spent a lot of time making sure my free range chickens stayed in neat little circles, bunched up like feathery sheep, barely able to free range because a loose chicken made Lady twitchy.

This twitchiness was Lady’s undoing and when she decided to move on from herding my chickens to herding the neighbour’s sheep, Lady had to go. Harry was four months old at this stage. Tippy had died of old age the previous winter and for the first time we were a one dog family.

But, when that one dog is a busy Heeler cross, one dog is plenty.

Harry the dog.

This tree always lost the apples on its lower branches and for a while I was blaming the wallabies. Until…

Harry thinks that balls grow on trees.

Harry has been my shadow for the past eleven years. He is slightly insane in a good way and if there were ever any shouty arguments in the family he would growl at whoever was doing the shouting, he also bites whoever is seen to be the aggressor in a punch up, he is very fair that way.

Harry the red heeler, collie cross.

These days, Harry has arthritis in his hip and doesn’t beg for a game of ball as insistently as he used to. After three or four throws, with the flinger thing, he is happy to settle down in the sunshine and just chew up the ball.  Harry also spends a lot of time sleeping in the sun outside my studio while I am working or underneath the table if the weather is bad. He is often asleep with his head on my foot when I am writing, or asleep next to my chair as I am faffing about watching telly and doing internetty things.

Harry asleep in the sun

BUT this idyllic life of spending hours doing nothing, a life of ease and leisure, a life of artfully making a pretty pot or two. This peaceful life came to a spectacular crashing halt the day that The Spouse and I decided to introduce Monty into the mix.

Oh my word, Peace and Quiet is now but a dim memory and Harry and I are run off our feet, even the cat has lost weight.

We have always had busy active dogs, but nothing prepared me for the special kind of busy that Monty brings to our previously sedentary lifestyle. I have had to puppy proof my house, I have even HAD to do housework.

Housework! Of all the things that puppy makes me do, housework is the worst bit. Honestly, how do you people manage to do this housework stuff? I was quite proud of the fact that I hadn’t vacuumed since 2008 and now I have vacuumed three times in the past three months. It is EXHAUSTING.

I have had to move all my important things like last weeks newspapers and interesting bits of bark and curious rocks, up out of puppy height. This is like those vaguely remembered days of toddler proofing but on fast forward because the puppy is growing so quickly.

sitting high

Gone are the days of me working quietly in my studio with Harry asleep on his bit of mattress under my table, the bit of mattress that Monty is slowly chewing to pieces, because foam.

Here is Monty, stealing my mask.

monty stealing things

Here is Monty killing my mask, in the rain and the mud.

monty with my mask

Here is Monty deciding that my lap is the best place to sit.

lap dog

Here is Monty looking regal and HUGE.


Here are the dogs filling up my house, with their post walk nap.

dogs asleep

Here I am, trying to have a snooze on the couch. Notice there is only one of us snoozing?

kim and monty

My poor neglected blog is also very neglected because sitting still is no longer done in this house.

WORK sounds suspiciously like WALK and if I say I am working, Monty will bound up to me with his lead in his mouth. He will SIT so enthusiastically, quivering with pent up excitement that there is nothing for it but to go and walk.

No work gets done whilst walking.

On the upside my dear internets, I managed to walk up ten flights of stairs the other day and I did not die, so there is that.

You might have noticed the tone of this blog post changed from start to finish, that is because it has taken me three days to write this post. I have come to terms with Harry’s impending blindness and we will cross that bridge when we come to it. For now we shall enjoy the chaos that Monty brings to our lives and we shall snooze when we can.

Finally after three months of chaos, this week I have found a routine that works, The Spouse takes over Monty duties at 12 noon and Harry and I go up to the studio all by ourselves for a minimum of two hours (inspired by Ang Walford’s, three hours in the studio) Harry sleeps peacefully by my side and I get some much needed time at work, not walk.


My pozible is now closed and thanks to you I am able to have a fabulous adventure.

Also by a stoke of accidental genius your payments came through over two financial years and so I wont have to try to explain crowdsourcing to the tax office this year.

Sitting here trying to write down how thankful and grateful I am is proving to be trickier than I thought though. I have the Paul Kelly song, “From Little Things Big Things Grow” playing as an earworm inside my head, as this has grown into a rather big thing.

So many of you helped me by pledging for rewards that I am now able to add in an extra flight and fly into Kalgoorlie from Perth a day earlier than planned. This then gives me a FULL free day to organise a tour of Lake Ballard to see The Gormley installation.

Thanks to mutual friends and the power of Social Media Rydges Kalgoorlie Resort and Spa are also sponsoring me and helping out with my accommodation while I am in Kalgoorlie attending the Regional Arts Summit.

I am sure this lovely pool will soothe my delicate Tasmanian skin after I have fried in the name of art at Lake Ballard trying to get just the right photo of just one more sculpture. I am also sure that the glare from my Tasmanian complexion will guarantee me a nice bit of poolside space.

Rydges Kalgoorlie resort and spa

So now, the work begins, as you have all played your parts magnificently and made me feel very valued, it is now my turn to make some art and post it off to you.

Stay tuned. I will post some photos of the studio chaos soon, complete with evidence of Monty the puppy helper (he has already nibbled one small rainbow cup)

Once again



Sunday Ceramics 21

by frogpondsrock on July 13, 2014

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Good morning viewers, today it is my absolute pleasure to welcome you to episode 21 of Sunday Ceramics.

Sunday Ceramics

Today, Sunday Ceramics has been slightly delayed by the LEAPING and BOUNDING of an enthusiastic puppy who needed a walk. Do NOT be fooled by this serene image of a well trained puppy sitting nicely. HA! Monty is a leaping, chewing, pooping, bundle of enthusiastic mischief. Thanks to Monty’s endless shenanigans, I was able to walk up ten flights of stairs the other day without dying, though I did need to collapse into a conveniently placed chair and puff madly for a minute or two.

Monty sitting on the road

My pozible is now closed and for once in my life I am a bit lost for words.

You, my dear people of the internet, have enabled me to go on a FABULOUS adventure to Kalgoorlie in October. I will endeavour to post all the photos before I die of sunstroke at the foot of a Gormley sculpture in a salt lake.

We just need to work out a properly dramatic hashtag for instagram, so you can all follow along.

Speaking of properly dramatic, I have finally stopped hyperventilating at the thought of THE LONG GALLERY, this is mostly due to the fact that my friends just roll their eyes at my theatrics and also because I have started to make all the work.

Making the work always calms me down a bit.

My friend Carolyn gave me a plastic hand mould and I have been having the most fabulous fun with it.

First, I rolled out a thin slab of clay and tried to press the clay gently into the mould, so that I had a thin shell of a hand. But patience and delicacy are not my strengths and before you could say, “slow down Kimmy”, the clay had ripped in a number of places.

I pressed the ripped up remnants of the slab, back into the mould to form a rough patchwork. For good measure I threw all the crumbs in as well and shook them about a bit.

Then I packed in some handbuilding clay and waited impatiently for hours and hours and hours for the clay to be dry enough to fall out of the mould. In the end I gave up and went to bed.

hand in mould

All that patient sleeping didn’t do me any good as I tore the fingers getting the hand out of the mould anyway. I could have easily repaired the fingers but the sight of the broken fingers sent me off on a tangent.

My social media channels were full of news about the missing Sri Lankan refugees and I thought the broken hand was a metaphor of sorts for our governments appalling behaviour.

153 Anglican Parish of Gosford

first hand

I made a second patchwork hand using a JB1 porcelain. I quite like this JB1 porcelain so far, as it isn’t as pernickety as Southern Ice to work with, but I wont make my final decision until I have fired it as I do like the look of Southern Ice.


I had been thinking about making fingerbones for an installation last year, but gave up when they proved a bit harder to make than I thought. And once I looked at the fingers closely when I was editing the photos, I began to daydream about the fingerbone installation again.


So, working normally, disregarding all pretense at patience. I rolled out lots of porcelain sausages and quickly and roughly pressed them into the mould and made about twenty or so fingers in an hour.


All these photos (except the puppy) are taken inside the house with my phone camera, it is a bit too chilly to work in the studio at the moment.

The only downside to working inside is that Monty can jump up and steal any fingers that are close to the edge of the table. You think that this finger stealing would make me be more organised, HA, NO! I just spend a bit of time retrieving soggy clay fingers from nibbling puppy jaws. I am sure Monty thinks he is helping me by adding his own artistic touches.

That has been my week.

How has yours been?

Here is the link, you know what do do.


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