Question and answer time..

by frogpondsrock on February 5, 2009

in general silliness,potential insanity

1.  What is your earliest childhood memory?

Not wanting to leave the warmth of the spaceship and my mother bending over me and gently tucking my tentacles behind my ears and telling me that our planet was doomed and if I didn’t climb into the pod, “Right now Missy'” I wouldn’t get any supper…

2.  What is your dream vacation?  Where would you go if you had unlimited funds and were excused from all responsibilities?

I would try to reclaim my pod which is in storage somewhere in an underground facility in the middle of an American desert. Failing that, The Spouse and I would love to go to New Zealand. We have always wanted to hire a helicopter and a guide and fish the Tongariro river..

After a week or two of successful catch and release trout fishing, where I caught the biggest fish as well. HA!!! I would then travel on my own to the battlefields of  France and stay at Villiers Bretonneux for the Anzac day service.

Then I would have to go to next door to Belgium and visit Jientje . Which in turn would give me the perfect excuse to jet set all over the world  visiting everyone else from my blogosphere.  Mmmm.. It is a nice dream.

3.  Where is your favorite place to be?

I don’t really have a favourite place. I am one of those rare individuals who is generally happy wherever I am. I tend to exist in the moment. So at this moment I am happy here, writing this because the words are flowing. I am not being bothered by David or nagged by Jeffrey.

The cat is sitting behind the computer watching the tadpoles and the dog is asleep on the floor with his head touching my foot. The balcony door is open and I can smell the honeysuckle. So at this moment right here is a pretty good spot to be. I wish I could find that pod though…

4.  Tell me about your favorite book or movie or song or something.

I am a voracious reader and generally have two or three novels on the go at the same time. So it has always been a source of frustration to me that I can never remember the names of books that I have read and whilst some author’s names ring clear as a bell inside my brain others that I have loved are forever on the tip of my tongue..*sigh*

As for music I like all music except for the shouting songs, you know the ones where the lead singer has swallowed the microphone. That type of music makes my ears bleed. I am pleased that David’s room is on the other side of the house because some of his music is very shouty..

The only music that I refuse to listen to any more is Midnight Oil because Peter Garret is a yellow bellied snake in the grass. I sent my cd’s to his office in protest at his wussy environmental policies.. GAH… Now if I could find my pod I would shoot him out to Pluto to be with all the other losers that suck their teeth and don’t know how to drive….

5.  If you were the supreme ruler of the universe, what petty little pet peeve would be a capital crime?  And what would be the punishment?  (Like, would people who suck their teeth at the table be banished to the outer rings of Pluto?  Or maybe people who drive for miles with their left turn signal on might be allowed to only ever make right turns…)

Mmmm???? I am starting to wonder if Julie is from another planet as well. How else could she know about Pluto?

Being Supreme ruler of the universe sucks. All you do, day in and day out is rubber stamp applications to extend terrestrial boundaries and deal with petty hoons who think it is fun to land in corn fields in Nebraska.. *sigh*

Or so I have heard *ooops*

My Pet peeve is people who say arks instead of ask..  AAAAARGHHH.  Apparently there is no cure for this habit so there wouldn’t be any point sending them to one of  the eight moons of Neptune to relearn basic diction.  They would have to be banished to Hollywood where they would be doomed to be Adam Sandlers stunt double, that would be punishment enough.

There is a meme doing the rounds at the moment and I decided that I wanted to play as well. So I asked Julie, she of Rats in laboratory cancer fame to ask me some questions. These are what she came up with..

There were rules attached to this post but looking for Adam Sandlers most annoying movies, so that I could link to one just for you, has made my brain shutdown.  If you would like me to ask you 5 questions that I have made up all by myself, just say so in the comments and you can be the next victim participant..

Cheers Kim