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Around the world in 80 clicks.

Oh look, it is a meme, yippee.

I have been tagged by two Mom’s who blog. Ree the hotfessional and Hyphen-Mama.

This meme was started by Catherine,Her Bad Mother and David from It’s not a Lecture who wanted to see if they could go around the world in 80 clicks. So the rules include linking to them(done that) and nipping over to their blogs and leaving a comment that you have done the meme, so that they can follow the clicks(about to do that right now) around the world.

So here we are on a small island underneath Australia talking about 5 things I love about being a Mother, Hmm…

For me, being a Mum is all about the Five A’s

Art, Accidents, Acceptance, Avoidance and my special favourite Amnesia..

Lets start with the Amnesia shall we?

I suffer from child induced Amnesia. I was slowly recovering from this common form of Amnesia when I became pregnant with my second child.  Sadly, once my pregnancy was confirmed, all hope of normal brain function returning flew right out the window.

My memory shrank in direct proportion to the growth of the child in my belly. Examples of this sometimes very useful form of Amnesia still pop up with alarming regularity in my life today.

I am generally reminded how useful this Amnesia can be, by one of my offspring  managing to bring a conversation around to a point where they say, “Mum, remember that you said that I could have a pet snake/pony/dye my hair green/live in France for a year/pierce my eyebrow/bellybutton/nose.

I will graciously agree, that why yes I do recall agreeing to buy you a swimming pool/ant farm/lasergun/popcornmaker/fake lifesize dinosaur bone. And that the very next time we go into town we will have a look for these essential items.

This is where the children used to wander off, secure in the knowledge that I would cater to their every outrageous demand and my amnesia would kick in within a few minutes and everyone was happy.

Art: Look at this little gem..


Accidents: Life is full of accidents. My two favourite accidents are now  20 years old and nearly 15.

Acceptance: I learned very quickly to accept that I was turning into my Mother. Phrases that as a child, I vehemently swore I would never, ever ever, say to my children were suddenly tumbling from my lips, much to the annoyance of my own offspring,  I constantly spouted familiar phrases such as…

” Because I said so”,


“Because I am the Mother, thats why”

and the perennial favourite,

“The wind will change and you will be stuck like that forever.”

Avoidance: please refer back to Amnesia..

There you go my lovelies, the Five A’s of Motherhood. Now I get to Tag some other Mothers who will then tag some more Mothers and off we go Around the world in eighty clicks. YAY

I tag:

Barbara in Britain who has two small children and a lovely wry sense of humour.

Jientje from the aptly named Heaven is in Belgium

Mrs C from America who has six children and writes with honesty and humour.

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