Sunday Selections #47 The Gala Wedding edition.

by frogpondsrock on November 27, 2011

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Hi internet, as some of you might be aware, yesterday was my daughter Veronica’s wedding Day. Veronica chose to get married at her home as she has a lovely big paddock with plenty of space.

The day was filled with highs and lows but the overwhelming feeling I had at the end of the day was satisfaction and pride. My daughter was a beautiful,beautiful bride and her husband Nathan gazed at her with the adoration that is her due. My grand daughter Amy was a lovely flower girl and my grandson Isaac coped a lot better with the wedding than I imagined.

The wedding could not have come together as perfectly as it did without the help of friends and family. The four teenagers that came to help us set up, worked tirelessly and they honestly have a champion in me for life now.


It rained.Which cancelled out the livestream and we had a mini disaster with one of the cakes.

Because of the rain and limited amounts of shelter we all managed to get very soggy and I didn’t take many photos, as cameras and the rain don’t mix very well.

Lets start with the cakes.

Veronica’s high school friend Catherine made a surprise wedding cake for Von and it was beautiful and quirky just like my daughter. Here it is on the left, next to the extremely alcoholic and delicious wedding cake made for us by our friend Watershedd and shipped down from Sydney. Isaac had, had enough by now and the sensory overload was really kicking in.

The cake had been delivered by Catherine Davey cake maker extraordinaire, and set up in pride of place in the marquee. It looked tuly beautiful and unfortunately I was too busy running around like a headless chook to take any photos.

A stray gust of wind blew the side of the marquee in and sent the cake flying through the air to land in the grass, ruined. That is my bestie, Tan in the blue t-shirt. Tan was responsible for all the lovely flowers that decorated the marquee, the chairs as well as the bouquets.

The teenagers didn’t let the fact that the cake was lying in the grass in pieces, upset them at all and they set about trying to fix the cake. My son David and his bestie Rhiarna found all the cake pieces, laid them out on a table and picked off all the grass, re-attached the figurines heads and did a quick poke back in of all the roses. My God daughter Bonnie and her boyfriend, Gordon came and found me in the house and asked if we had any icing and a palette knife as Gordon was pretty confident he could repair the cake. I looked at this quiet young man with his backwards cap and thought, “Really?”

It turns out that, young Gordon wants to be a pastry chef, so if anyone out there knows of an apprenticeship in the offing I would highly recommend this young man. He worked quietly, efficiently and without any fuss. He confidently re assembled the wedding cake and I am sure that only the cakes creator Catherine could tell the difference.

Now onto the photos of the actual event. The ceremony was scheduled for 12.30 pm. At 12.00 pm it really started to rain. The celebrant started to get very bossy and I had to keep on shooing her out of the house saying that the Bride wasn’t quite ready yet. In hindsight I should have either insisted that Veronica get ready here at home or I should have made my son stand guard at the door with strict instructions that no one was to come into the house at all.

But indulging in hindsight has to be the best waste of energy there is.

We had decorated canvas chairs with flowers and formed them into semi circle type arrangement without a Bride’s side or a Groom’s side as I thought this was a nice way to symbolise the joining of two families.

We had marked out the aisle with a line of flowering plants.

Everything was in place.

The bride was delivered in style in her Father’s 1966 Valiant. The wedding ribbon is the ribbon that was used for my wedding. Isaac decided that it was all too much for him at this point and his legs stopped working.

Not even the rain could put a damper on our day now or quell the pride that The Spouse and I felt at seeing our beautiful girl walk down her country aisle.

Once all the wedding party were in place I tried to take Isaac away with me. But the promise of pressing the buttons on Nanny’s camera was not as enticing as the lure of his mothers arms.

And so my daughter Veronica married her long time partner Nathan, with both of their beautiful children, quite involved in the ceremony as well.

Amy took her role as flower girl very seriously and stood beautifully still for the whole ceremony even though she was standing in the rain. I was very proud of her.

Even after twenty five years together I still think this fella is pretty yummy.

If you would like to link up your Sunday Selection below, please do. I dont know how much time I will have near a computer today. But I promise I will get around to visit you all within the next couple of days. Thank you for being a part of my daughters day. The gifts that we received from our internet friends was quite humbling. Thank you.