An iPad for Annie

by frogpondsrock on December 22, 2011

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I want to raise enough money for an iPad for Annie who has Autism.

Annie and Heidi are the daughters of a friend of mine, Marita Beard who blogs as Stuff with Thing

Both girls have autism. Because Heidi received her diagnosis before she was 6 years old, Heidi received an iPad, thanks to the FaHCSIA Helping Children with Autism Funding.

Because Annie received her Diagnosis of Aspergers when she was older than six, Annie doesn’t qualify for any funding.

I read this post by Marita and watched the 30 second youtube clip made by Annie saying that Autism doesn’t end when you are seven.

And I decided that I would like to try and raise the money to get an iPad for Annie.

Heidi has a 64GB $799 model.

Do you reckon that we can raise enough money to get the same one for Annie?

I reckon we can.

 *Updated* Hey internet We did it! Annie now has an iPad.

Nathalie from Easypeasykids spoke to her local Apple Shop and they have supplied Annie with an iPad at a bit of a discount!

Thank you all so very very much. We raised The money in four hours. I am so very very proud of you internet.