Bacon, Eek and Zombies, This is how seriously I take myself.

by frogpondsrock on May 24, 2012

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Over the past 72 hours I have been accused of being jealous and of nursing a galloping case of sour grapes. This morning I was also told that it is very poor form on my behalf to have “attacked” the remarkable bloggers so viciously.

Oh dear internet, you are being very defensive.

If I had worked furiously, filling up 24 hours a day in my quest to be an uber successful blogger, if I commented everywhere, joined in with everything, courted PR firms, blogged about cleaning products and hosted giveaways. If I had turned my blog into an easily marketable package and my bookshelves were lined with Darren Rowse’s “How To” books nestled next to  Everymans guide to SEO for Dummies.

If, my lovely internets, I had done everything in my power to become  the number one blogger in the world and failed miserably, well then it might be fair to say I was suffering from Sour Grapes.

What I am suffering from internet is an inability to keep quiet and an overwhelming urge to poke at the status quo.

All my life I have asked, Why?

This is not the first time I have used my blog to ask questions about what is happening within the Australian Blogosphere. With the help of friends I mounted a rather successful albeit very short lived, “Die Churp Die” campaign. I am not sure if we killed the birdie or not but no one has been churping in my twitter stream so I count that as a win.

I ruffled more than a few feathers when I wrote this blog post titled, A question of Personal Ethics, where I banged on about Nestle courting the Australian Mummy bloggers. I wrote about my views about the so called  A list of Australian Bloggers and exhorted everyone to act like they are an A list blogger.

I don’t write these posts for the stats as It was pointedly suggested on twitter yesterday, my stats could be through the roof but they wont do me any good as I don’t run advertising that pays by page view. All a high traffic day does is make my graphs look uneven and messy.

I write these posts for the same reason that I bang on about plastic in the environment. I am driven to start conversations that some people find unpleasant because there is a huge culture of silence within the Australian blogosphere and I don’t like silence when it is coupled with business, it makes me nervous.

This morning as I was reading my rather unpleasant emails and asking myself If I really did have sour grapes, am I an arsehole who just wants to “bring people down” I clicked over to twitter and in an instant knew who I was again.

I saw that @ChadLaFarge had given me a +K on Klout for Bacon and a +K for Eek.

This made me very happy and restored my equilibrium.

If I really was the nasty grasping piece of work I have been accused of  I wouldn’t be at all pleased by a Zombie K at all, nuh-uh I would be chasing Ks for blogging and marketing and whatever it is that Klout thinks is important.

So there we have it internet, I am back being happy with myself again. My place in the blogosphere in secure because Klout tells me I am influential about Zombies. I really think that is rather remarkable, don’t you?