Is it Friday again?

by frogpondsrock on July 6, 2012

in ceramics,Distractions galore!

I am sure my days are speeding up, as it seems like it was only Friday yesterday.

Thank you so much, the comments from you on my previous post have made me feel like a normal human being again, rather than some giant dark monster with gnashing teeth and a sour outlook.

So give yourselves a giant gold star. Give yourselves two.

I should be up in the studio glazing the last of this kiln load of work but my nose is cold and every good procrastinator knows that you can’t go to work with a cold nose.

Have I mentioned that I am going to Adelaide soon?

It is going to be a giant adventure. The Australian Ceramics Triennale is being held from the 28th of September to the 1st of October and the theme is Subversive Clay. How exciting does that sound? Subversive Clay for a Subversive Ceramist.

In keeping with my idea of life being a true adventure, I am catching a train from Melbourne to Adelaide. I would love to hear from any of you that have caught this train, as I haven’t caught a train since I was 12 years old and I know that my  hazy recollections of red leather seats and lots of girlish squealing, is not modern day train catching reality. I am seriously looking forward to the train trip and  I have been poring over the map trying to get an idea of the country I will be travelling through.

I will be in Adelaide madly dashing from venue to venue for the four days of the conference and I fully expect that I will be off on an wonderful giant daydream for the whole time.There will also be a suitcase market somewhere on the Sunday and I will be selling some of my work.

So my lovely South Australian readers, where are the best places to eat in the CBD? And by best I don’t meant the Michelin hatted best, I mean the best yummy food at decent prices. How easy is it to get around Adelaide if I decide to skip a couple of talks and do a bit of sight seeing? What is the public transport system like? And what is the one truly must see thing in Adelaide that I will regret not visiting while I am there?

In other travelling induced ditheriness I am undecided about which lenses to pack and what clothes to take. How hot is Adelaide at that time of year? I am truly a Tasmanian girl who is best suited to the cold weather and lots of layers of clothing. Will I need a hat? As the Tasmanian sun will burn you to a cinder in five minutes flat but  Melbourne sunshine isn’t nearly as fierce.

Questions, I have them. Also my Tuesday morning is free if any of you want to catch up for a coffee.

For the moon lovers amongst you I took some photos of the full moon the other night, it was bitterly cold but I needed to absorb some of the moons energy and I will finish up with these photos. Thank you for being such lovely friends.