Still chasing crows.

by frogpondsrock on July 23, 2012

in Distractions galore!,photography

Twenty odd years ago I went outside and fired a shotgun into the sky, BANG BANG  fucking  BANG I went.

I was firing in the general direction of the Forest Ravens, colloquially known back then, as those bloody crows. I was not trying to hit the crows I was just trying to scare them away from my day old chickens. The Ravens are so intelligent that I did not need to take the shotgun outside again, all I needed to make them fly away was to walk outside holding a stick and yell BANG at the sky.

All the ravens since then have been very quick to fly away when they see me looking at them, which is great news for my chicks, but bad news for my photos.

I have been trying to get a decent  photograph of the Raven’s  for months now, they have the most beautiful blue eyes and I will not be happy until I capture that blueness with crystal clarity.

But oh dear Internet, they are just so tricksy.

I was about 100 metres away from this Raven as it sat in the tree, calling. It was most  probably mocking me as I took this photo from the open door of the studio. I could imagine the crow looking at me and thinking, “Ner ner human you are on the ground and I am here high up in a tree.”

I knew that I was too far away to get a decent photo BUT I tried anyway.

I managed to get about eight photos three of them blurry, before the Raven flew away chuckling to itself.

In April,The Spouse bought me a shiny new lens. Shiny new lenses are wonderful but the trick is, you need to actually have them attached to the camera as they wont take Raven photos tucked away safely in their little bags.

That is the only downside to a DSLR for me, I am an intuitive, run and snap kind of photographer with a passion for birds. And the birds will never ever wait while I change lenses and attach the monopod and faff about twiddling the buttons.

This is the best Raven photo with my shiny new lens I have taken so far internet. I have a long way to go I know, but you can almost see the blue of the Raven’s eye so on a scale of zero to spectacular this photo isn’t a zero.

This morning I heard the Ravens calling and I tried to sneak out the back door ever so quietly BUT, Harry the dog had other ideas and he joyously ran down the hill barking at the Raven, confident in his doggy brain that he was protecting me.

So I photographed the clouds instead. At least they stayed in the one spot for longer than two seconds.

Oh and here is a photo of Harry, he is not looking very repentant at all is he? Damn dog.