A distraction of seagulls

by frogpondsrock on September 3, 2012

in Distractions galore!,headfuck

I have words internet, great piles of them are stored in the mound of my mind but for the life of me today, I can not manage to pull out the ones that I want.

They are tricky these words of mine, they like to come out and play when I am in the shower or driving the car. Sometimes my own eloquence takes my breath away and I think, “Yes! This! This is what I need to say,” and the words shimmer with delight and congratulate themselves, then quietly vanish at the next red light or the sound of the telephone.

These few words that you are reading now have been pulled reluctantly to the surface, each letter has resisted being made solid on the page of this blog, preferring instead to swim about in solitude.

Yesterday was Father’s day, I had to go into the city to drop off some cups that are going to be used in a local Tassie film Breeding in Captivity, (more about that later) it was such a beautiful spring day that we decided to go for a bit of a fish.

Evelyn has been having seizures since Wednesday and I am skittish and unsettled. The wheels of the medical profession turn slowly, oh so slowly and we have had to wait until today (Monday) to begin any discourse with the hospital staff. I am by nature an impatient person and waiting for anything does my head in, waiting for answers about the health of my family is a special kind of nightmare. I like to be doing, something, anything,everything all at once and so fishing with the boys was a welcome distraction.

As were the seagulls.

The tide was running and the current was strong ,”The Spouse” grumbled as the tide took his berley away but the seagulls screeched in delight at the free snacks we were providing and I had fun with the camera.

Now I am going to walk around in circles, picking things up and putting them down until Veronica rings me and tells me what’s the plan with Young Miss Evelyn.

The plan is for Veronica and Evelyn to go into the hospital tomorrow and hang around in Emergency until something is done.