Good Morning Adelaide

by frogpondsrock on September 28, 2012

in ceramics,Fun,real life

I arrived safe and soundly in Adelaide last night after a very, very long train journey. I was ready to be off the train after seven hours of enforced inactivity, but of course I had to stay on the train for a further four hours.

I have to register at the conference main desk at 8 am this morning so this is just a quick hello to share the photos I took on the train. After much dithering I left the Nikon at home as I didn’t want to lug the great heavy thing about the place, so these photos are courtesy of my camera phone.

There were paddocks full of wheat as far as the eye could see and the symmetrical rows created an optical illusion, where I could almost see something jumping from row to row in the back of the paddock. Drop bears probably.

The paddocks full of canola were very pretty. No illusions here.

As a Tasmanian woman, I am used to hills and mountains and I found the flat country a bit unsettling, especially when lines from B-grade horror movies started to pop into my head. Luckily there was only wheat and canola and not a cornfield in sight.

It was a glorious day and the blocks of colour, the blues and yellows and greens were absolutely lovely in their colourful flatness.

And so here I am quickly tapping this out, super quickly before I go and immerse myself in all things ceramic. If you use instagram I am on there as @frogpondsrock and I will be sharing photos throughout the weekend with the hashtag #subversiveclay