I need to Earth myself.

by frogpondsrock on September 4, 2012

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In times of great stress, I earth myself, I take off my shoes and I feel the earth beneath my feet, I feel the hum of The Mother and it soothes me. If it is too cold or wet to walk barefoot in the veggie garden, I will plant things out in my kitchen garden. Avoiding the use of any tools I will make the holes by hand and plant whatever it is I have.

Today I have a packet of seeds the funeral home gave me when I collected Mum’s ashes.

I hadn’t kept the seeds for any particular reason, they were just there waiting for me to be ready to plant them.

I am so seriously stressed today internet that I need to vanish within myself.

I need to find that intuitive quiet space where the Goddess and I can whisper to each other.

I need to walk barefoot in the garden and I need to pray to my own Gods.