When words are few and far between.

by frogpondsrock on October 23, 2012

in ceramics,real life,thinking out loud

Hi internet, I don’t have a lot to say at the moment. All the words are here inside my head but it seems like that is where they have decided to stay.

Baby Evelyn is still having multiple seizures a day and her vision is intermittent at best. I don’t know if Evelyn recognises my voice, she certainly can’t see me and for someone as theatrical as I am, the not seeing me is very hard to deal with.

My stress levels are very high and when I am stressed I make grand plans and immerse myself in all manner of wild and wonderful projects, so that I don’t have to think about my broken heart.

Prime Minister, Julia Gillard’s speech the other day had me fist pumping the air in joyful salute and my feminist blood was surging. Finally a high powered woman has stepped up and said to the world, we are not going to take this sexist shit anymore.

Thank you Prime Minister.

In honour of our Prime Minister I asked a number of high profile women on twitter, women I admire for one reason or another, to give me a tweet that captured how they felt about our Prime Ministers speech.

I am in the process of making ten bowls with the tweets inscribed inside them. Once the bowls are finished I will exhibit them at the Off Centre during the month of December and then I will take the bowls to Burnie with me as part of the Fired Up 2 exhibition.

This is one of the bowls in the raw, the photo is from my instagram account and the tweet is from Dr Leslie Cannold. Dr Cannold’s tweet says,

If only we’d known the world would find a woman blowing her top about misogyny so special, we’d have done it sooner. Nice work PM #Gillard

The women who have generously given me a tweet are Jane Caro, Stella Young, Dee Madigan, Dr Jennifer Wilson, Destroy the Joint, Veronica Foale, Kim Foale, Anonymous and oneĀ  yet to be confirmed. This project wouldn’t have been possible without Social Media, and I thank the women for their sociability.

In other ceramic news, I have been playing around with sgraffito techniques on some cups. I have been thinking a lot about blindness lately and so I made the black marks on the cups with my eyes closed. I have also been walking up to the studio with my eyes closed as I try to imagine how it feels to be blind, but I keep on cheating and opening my eyes up for a quick peek.

The weather is warming up and the clay isn’t so icy cold and my hands are pleased by this. As the smell of spring is in the air my thoughts turn to making some larger works and an idea for some Ninja Ceramics is also burbling away in the back of my mind.

But always in the forefront of my mind is my worry for my youngest grand child and the blue painting is calling me, demanding to be painted.

* photos of my grandchildren blatantly stolen from here.