Kim is easily distracted…

by frogpondsrock on November 13, 2012

in ceramics,Distractions galore!

This line was always written in red ink on all my school reports.

KIM IS EASILY DISTRACTED. My teachers were also fond of words like disruptive, exuberant and exasperating.

As an Adult I once did an ADHD test and surprising no-one, I ticked all the boxes.

All those black ticks caused me to  briefly consider talking to my doctor about  ADHD  in order to be prescribed dexamphetamine tablets. But I knew that dexies coupled with my obsessive nature could be a potential disaster, whereby I spent all my time cleaning the fridge or re-writing old poems instead of forcing myself to work.

I also became distracted by something and forgot to make an appointment.

Dragonfly mind, it is mine.

My daughter Veronica has accepted the NANOWRIMO challenge to write 50,000 words in a month. I agreed, after a short burst of intense nagging from Veronica, to  post photos of work  for sale, every day of November.  Today is the 13th and I have only posted a handful of photos.

I became bored with it, dear Internetty friends. It was just, all too much like hard work and as my boredom with myself and my images became a bit much, I started to invent distractions for myself.

I made some skull beads, instead of photographing sale worthy work.

I did some jobs that I had been putting off for a while. My Friend Dr Jennifer Lavers is giving a presentation on Plastic Pollution on Friday and Jenn wanted to include some photos of my ceramics. I had been meaning to edit the photos for about six weeks and kept on forgetting, or remembering late at night.

These are the photos I sent to Dr Lavers.

On the left is an unfired Southern Ice touchstone and on the right is a fired touchstone. I used to give these away to children that came into the Off Centre but I have an idea for a larger installation and so I have brought the stones home with me.

I like the idea of a steam punk inspired, urban catastrophe series of work. I made this cup yesterday and the clay is still quite wet.

These bowls are tiny. At Veronica’s wedding one of my uncles asked me to make him some small bowls, suitable for use as dipping bowls. This is what I have come up with so far. I have been marking all my new work with this tiny cog wheel symbol from the cigarette lighter that killed the albatross.

This is a finished bowl, without the cog mark. These tiny bowls will be available in December.

And that is all I have for you today, the sky is an interesting shade of oyster shell grey and I need to go and gaze at it for a while and do some dreaming.