Of Trolls and Bridges

by frogpondsrock on December 31, 2012

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I had a troll on the blog the other day, I knew he was a troll because he called me names and swore at me.

I assumed that my trollĀ  had failed to read my comment policy.

Poor Troll.

So I gave him a sporting chance by mentioning my comment policy to him.


So I went ahead and followed through with my promise, clearly outlined in said comment policy.

My edits are in italics.

Lots of people are very quick to call anyone who puts forward a differing opinion, a troll. A classic case recently was Joe Hockey, calling people Labour Trolls, when in fact I wasn’t trolling Joe, I was disagreeing with him publicly. Anyone that knows me, knows I do not vote Labor and so if I was to use Joe Hockey’s terms of reference, it was Joe who was actually being the troll by insulting me online.

It is a slippery slope.

My personal definition of a Troll is someone who comes onto a blog with the express purpose of flinging abuse, disrupting the comments and generally being an annoying, useless, fucknuckle, who contributes nothing of worth to the conversation.

If we make our terms of reference too broad, there is the real danger that all debate on blogs will be stifled. One minute we will be having a polite discussion and then BAM cries of Troll! Troll! echo through the interwebs and all hopes of a decent conversation have flown out the window, in favour of a witch hunt, which whilst mildly entertaining for the assorted onlookers, always ends up lowering the tone of the joint.

All this troll talk has reminded me of some rather nice photos I took of the underside of the Bowen Bridge the other day.

Trolls and Bridges, Internet, trolls and bridges.

Happy New Year.

under the bridge 2

under the bridge 1

This is not a troll