Silence is Complicity

by frogpondsrock on December 2, 2012

in blogging,friendship

A few days a go I was sent a link to a  forum thread on GOMI.

As I read the thread I was appalled to read anonymous women tearing other women to shreds.

I clicked away from the nastiness and wandered up to the studio to unpack the kiln.

I checked back on the thread that night and more anonymous women had joined the fray and were delighting in the group hatefest.

They casually attacked bloggers I consider to be my friends and other bloggers that I dont know at all.

Again I clicked away, I was tired, I couldn’t be bothered with their ridiculous pettiness and a vision of vultures squawking over a carcass made me smile.

Yesterday morning I checked the thread again and lost my temper. The anger flared up and I thought Fuck you, what a pack of bitches, how dare you sit here safe in your supposed anonymity and tear my friends to shreds.

So I registered as myself and left this comment.

I was sent a link to this thread and Wow what a horrible thread this is. Don’t you girls have anything better to do?  
Why do you give a flying fuck about these bloggers? Why do you care so much about what they are doing that you have to publicly bitch about their private lives in such a public thread.
Why don’t you just unfollow them on twitter and facebook and stop reading their blogs if they shit you so much? 
Why on earth would you put in a bloggers real name so that this thread is searchable on google. What a low fucking act that is. Did you even stop to consider for one minute how this thread makes those bloggers feel?
Jesus fucking Christ I need a fucking shower after reading all this shit posted in here. What a bunch of small minded, mean spirited arseholes you all are.
Oh and I logged in under my blog name because unlike you fuckers, If I have a problem with someone I tell them to their faces, rather than bitch about them anonymously.
You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

Now of course they are in the forum trying to pierce my rhino hide with their pathetic kitten claws. As if I care what a bunch of anonymous fuckwits have to say.

Those of you who know me, know well my attitude to anonymous commenters and those of you who don’t would be well served to read my comment policy.

Martin Luther King,said it best when he said,

“He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.”

That is why I went into the thread and used my real name because my silence would have signalled my complicity and be fucked if I am going to be complicit to that load of tripe in that particular forum.