I am juggling as fast as I can

by frogpondsrock on February 20, 2013

in ceramics

Or I would be if I could actually juggle.

But that is a story for another day.

Look at these bowls internet, aren’t they just wonderful.

These are the Ten Women on Twitter bowls that I have decided to exhibit in April

Ten women on twitter bowls colour 2

I had made ten with the same tweets but with different glaze and whilst I am also happy with them, I like the coloured ones better. I think I will stick with the oxides and the textures for my environmental and urban decay series of work.

TOT Bowl

I recently attended a two day workshop with Sandy Brown a fabulous UK based ceramist. From this workshop I received permission to be myself.

kim foale ceramics

As a ceramist I am learning and growing all the time. I have shaken off the shackles of my teachers and I am finding my own way and instead of hearing Ben Richardson’s strong ceramic voice when I view my work, I now hear my own.

And this is as it should be.

I have also sold my share in the Off Centre Gallery in Salamanca

I am not interested in money, I never have been interested in money or things. The pressure of having to make enough work to cover my share of the gallery rent each month had finally become too much like work and less like fun and so I sold my share.

And of course once I thought I was free from deadlines, the universe stepped in and threw a heap of opportunities my way and so there is no chance of me having a rest at all.

Which is also as it should be.

I am linking up this week with Mud Colony Blog (or I will be tomorrow when the link opens)

If you are interested in joining up with a group of like minded ceramists you should look us up in Mud Colony, I will even include a photo of some of us to show you how normal we are.