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Hello 2014

Hello 2014? What sort of a title is that? Not very clickbaity or enticing is it? I mean how many blog posts have started with hello 2014, zillions I bet.

But in the spirit of supreme literalness, this is what I am actually doing. I am saying hello 2014, so I shall leave the most unoriginal title of the year stand.

At the end of December I handed my notice into The Shake. I can no longer gleefully swan about the place saying that I am the Art Director of an online magazine.Unless of course one of you sciencey types has a secret cloning machine in your back shed, because if there were two of me I could have stayed on at The Shake. Sadly clones were not forthcoming when I made my decision and now I am back to being plain old, Head Ceramist at Kim Foale Ceramics.

Here I am looking all shiny and uncloned, artistically bathed in light, ready and raring to burst out of the blocks in the new year.

Kim in Vic

2014 is the year of The Horse and I can feel the horse energy building. I feel like kicking down the fences and running free, except I do not have anything fencing me in and I haven’t been able to run since a dodgy knee op hobbled me in 1998. But metaphors are great, so imaginary running it is.

dance in spirit

I adore the long light filled twilights of a Tasmanian summer evening, the lilies release their heady scent and I daydream.


So far internet, my 2014 is brimming with the most marvellous possibilities and I hope yours is as well.

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  • river January 10, 2014, 4:04 pm

    I LOVE the dancing shadow of the old woman, I feel like that so often. Hobbling along, dancing on the inside.
    I shall remove your “shake” link from the Sunday Selections blurb forthwith. Or asap. Or something.
    I like your gorgeous happy smile there, hope 2014 is really great for you.

  • Elephant's Child January 11, 2014, 3:10 pm

    Any post from you is clickable.
    Like River, I love that dancing shadow.
    Have a wonderful, creative, productive 2014. And all the rest too.

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