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No time for storytelling when the clock is ticking.

This week has been hectically busy with the set up and launch of Asylum as well as my other commitments, and each time I think of the promise I made to myself to blog every day, I laugh and laugh and jump in the car and drive away into the sunrise.

My daughter Veronica is trying to build a small business as an artisan soap maker. Veronica has an online store with a growing customer base, but in order to expand and build her brand locally, Veronica needs to be selling her soap at markets.

Over the last twelve months we have fallen into a routine, I take Veronica down to the markets, leaving Nat at home to look after their children. Nat then brings the children down at closing time and does the pack up. It is working rather well as I enjoy selling Veronica’s lovely soap. I am able to tell small stories about how Veronica uses her father with his dreadfully sensitive eczema prone skin as her crash test dummy. I also enjoy watching the men choose the smells they like, most blokes are reluctant to even look at the soap, but if they are up for a story I can confide that Von’s dad quite likes the Belgrove Whisky soap, or the Basil Lime Mandarin and the conversations that follow are often quite interesting. As an aside internet, it has surprised me the softer smells that The Spouse likes as he has always left the soap choosing and shampoo choosing down to me and when the children were small it was price not prettiness that drove my choices and we managed with a pretty utilitarian allergy free boring soap.

Look at this pretty soap. It smells as nice as the image suggests.

goats milk and lavender soap

Veronica Foale Essentials. Goat’s Milk and Lavender Soap


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