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Some pots just need to rest for a bit.

This pot came out of the kiln a few months ago, I adored the bright colours over the clay body but I didn’t like the look or the feel of the iron spots (the brown speckles). BRT is a fabulous clay to work with, it is totally forgiving, I can break all the clay rules with impunity and it is perfect for children because it is so gutsy. But fired to stoneware in oxidation it is a bit of a nothing clay body and the iron spots need vigorous sanding or Dremel work in order for the pot to have a nice feel.

I did what I mostly do with a pot I am unsure about, I put it away to be examined in detail later. In this case, away, was outside the studio, plonked on top of a 44 gallon drum next to some other pots I liked but didn’t know what to do with.

detail of BRT bowl with colour.

Fast forward to a chilly winters day and the water in the pot had frozen nicely, I took a few photos as the ice was interesting, saved them to my desktop and promptly forgot about them again.

It wasn’t until today when I was cleaning up my computer that I saw the images and thought hmmm.

This needs a closer look.

The ice both highlights and diffuses the colours

detail of BRT pot frozen

I had a bit of a play with the image in photoshop and I think the artificially brightened colours would make a lovely bold painting. It is a shame I do not have a spare inch of wall space in the house anywhere, otherwise I might be tempted to throw some paint around. Actually now that I have typed that last line out, I see it for the silliness it is, of course I should throw some paint about, I can always make wall space later if the painting is any good.

That is the joy of this blog for me, the thinking by writing coupled with the thinking by looking properly always sends me off in unexpected directions.

detail of frozen pot

HDR altered detail of frozen pot copy 2

Returning to the first image, it is the matt blues and greens that I like the best here, especially when seen against the painted blue background of the 44. The lines of the ice over the strong brush strokes are also nice and the iron spots give the pot some added depth as well.  I am pleased I didn’t put the pot in the garden because it would have been years before I found it again rather than months and I shall have fun developing the ideas I have thought of today.

detail of BRT bowl with colour.


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