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Warning: Hyperbole Ahead.

Can you die from deadline induced panic, my dear internets? Can You? CAN YOU?

My brain was spinning so fast last night with all the OH MY GODS that I think I forgot how to breathe for at least TEN SECONDS, maybe even 15 seconds.

That is a lot of seconds when time is being all stretchy.

Stretchy time is a funny thing, not funny haha, but funny in a, why does time always do this to me, funny.

I KNEW that I was going to be a part of the absolute fabulousness that is the MoMa Market at Mona this year. I had an email written in that special glittery Mona fairy dust, that said in real glittery words, “Yep Kim, you are in, we want you.” BECAUSE AWESOMENESS ATTRACTS.

And it was about then that time started to do that stetchy stretchy thing it does so well. The 29th of January was W E E E E E E K S away, aeons away, so far away in artist time, that I could procrastinate over winter for just a little bit longer, because it all felt a little bit unreal and the studio was cold.

Then of course, my body decided it was going to try to kill me. Ha Body, you failed in your attempt at failing.


Nearly dying and having major surgery did a bit of a number on my head. I lost my bounce. My inner Tigger fled and I was left all flat and tired and tired and flat. It is a bit tricksy when Tigger is replaced by Eeyore, a bit tricksy indeed. Luckily time is also a bit magic, when it isnt being all stretchy of course and time heals etc, and now I am back.

And Now I am Back.


Time has done that stretchy snapping back to real time thing that it does and I am



Can you die from deadline induced panics, dear internets? Can You? CAN YOU?

Full circle.

The words have come full circle and I feel much better.

Thank you.

See you at Mona, next weekend.

On the lawns

11 am – 4pm.

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  • Anna January 23, 2017, 10:00 am

    good luck… I know that thing with time… I have my first exhibition this year… and time!