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Comment Policy

Hello, my name is Kim and I am a commentaholic. I became totally addicted to comments after I wrote my first blog post in October 2007.

I welcome any and all comments. I especially like the nice ones, they are chocolate for my soul.

I will reply to comments either on the blog or via email, so a proper email address is useful.

You don’t have to agree with me. You can disagree with me in the comment section any time you like as long as you do so in a civilized manner.

I like to debate and comments with opposing views to mine are welcome .

But be warned.

Trollish and/or anonymous comments will be edited until they amuse me.

My edits will be in italics, so that people can still see your thoughtful insights.

I will gleefully mock all trolls and occasionally publish their details.

Abusive comments will be removed or edited, depending on my mood.

Comments with  links in them that are off topic will be removed.

Comments that give me the shits will be removed or edited, again depending on my mood.

Spam comments are generally deleted because my husband doesn’t need his penis to be any bigger thankyou very much.

I am more than capable of finding my own porn and apparently acai berries taste like shit.

This comment policy is also subject to change without notice.

So. Play. Nice.