I am not okay today.

September 13, 2011

I am far from okay but there isn’t a whole lot than anyone can do to make me better. I also don’t see that anyone other than my very closest friend, asking me if I am okay are going to get a straight answer. I will just lie and grin and say of course I […]

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Thank Goodness for Dory

May 17, 2011

Because if it wasn’t for her I would have stopped swimming long ago. This blog is only a slice of my life, it is a tiny snippet of how things are. I use the blog to get the words out of my head. I write out the sad, press publish and then walk away. The […]

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There is too much silence

February 1, 2011

I wonder if one of the reasons for the reluctance to talk to our young people about suicide is the mistaken belief that we might give them ideas. As if by starting a conversation about suicide we might inadvertently plant the seed of death in their heads. On Monday evening I went to bed early […]

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December 15, 2010

I remember when I was a surly teenager whining at my mother about the cruel injustice of having to dry up the dishes or clean my room. Whine, whine, whinge, whinge, when  my mother finally lost her temper and snarled at me that she hoped that one day I would have a daughter  just like […]

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All muddled up.

October 16, 2010

That is what I reckon this post will be, all muddled up without a coherent train of thought running through it to pull it all together. But that is life. Life is messy and muddled and I just make it up as I go along and hope like hell I am doing the right thing. […]

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A weekend in Melbourne.

October 4, 2010

Hello my bloglings, I need your help. Next month I will be in Melbourne for a long weekend. We were supposed to be going to Raymond Island for a wedding but that has been cancelled. The Spouse hates travelling, loathes big cities with a passion and with his grumpy hat firmly on his head has […]

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August 13, 2010

That is how I feel today, all blurred and mimsy. Yesterday I felt shattered, emotionally shattered and I missed my mother with an intensity that had me weeping at inopportune moments. It must be quite disconcerting to see a woman weeping into the oranges at the greengrocers. Amy is being assessed by the early intervention […]

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How do you measure success?

June 15, 2010

Last week Brenda asked on her blog, Mummytime, “where do you hope your blog will take you?” This morning I followed  a twitter link to a blog post that asked why do most artists blogs fail? I commented with Interesting point but it all depends on how you measure success. I am an artist and […]

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Ehlers Danlos, fear, frustration and dislocations

May 3, 2010

Yesterday afternoon my daughter rang me, Veronica had dislocated the bone behind her knee and it was refusing to go back in. I was full of useless advice and it was a horrible but brief conversation. Veronica was in a lot of pain and I was unable to help her. There was one small consolation […]

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Birthdays and other things.

January 13, 2010

My grandmother is 87 today and Isaac will be one in a few days. I successfully avoided getting together with my extended family at Christmas.Today we will all be together for the first time since Mum’s funeral. Combined with the fact that I handed the keys to Mum’s house over to the lawyers on Monday […]

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